Community Meeting Information Sessions and Date

  • T’it’qet                  January 9th &     February 20th (Sun/Sun)
  • Tsalalh                 January 10 &      February 21(Mon/Mon)
  • Sekw’el’was         January 12 &      February 23rd (Wed/Wed)
  • Ts’kw’way’laxw     January 13 &      February 24th (Thur/Thur)
  • Xaxli’p                  January 15th &   February 26th (Sat/Sat)
  • Xwisten                January 30 &      February 27th (Sun/Sun)
  • Xa’xtsa-Mission   January 22 &      March 5th (Sat/Sat)
  • Abbotsford           January 24th &   March 7th (Mon/Mon)
  • Vancouver           January 25th &   March 8th (Tue/Tue)
  • Kamloops            January 27th &   March 9th (Thur/Thur)
  • Samahquam        February 1st &   March 15th (Tue/Tue)
  • Skatin                  February 2nd &  March 16th (Wed/Wed)
  • N’Quatqua           February 3rd &  March 17th (Thur/Thur)
  • Lil’wat                  February 5th &  March 12th (Sat/Sat)

Meetings during the week will start @ 4pm- 9 pm

Meetings during the weekends will start @ 10 am-3pm


We are currently working on confirming places for the Urban Areas, and will post as soon as we get confirmation.


Agenda tentatively looks like

  • Open House/Introductions
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • Presentation/Feedback



Summary of Tsal'alh Information Session

The community information session with Tsal'alh on January 10, 2011 turned out amazing 58 community members showed up to get a better understanding of the Hydro Agreement.
We started with a 2 hour open house for community members to have time to review information packages, and to voice any question or concerns with the Hydro team on a personal level.
Chief Garry John then opened the meeting with the welcome song that lifted all our spirits. We sat down for dinner at 7, a big thanks to Ida Peter and helpers for the fabulous dinner prepared.
Raymond Phillips (St'at'imc Legal Council) then discussed the summary of the St'at'imc Hydro Agreement. The community members stated their questions and concerns regarding the Hydro Agreement.

A few of the Questions and Statements from the Tsal'alh Community:
"Why haven't we signed the agreement as 1 nation rather then 10?"
"Administrative trustees, what are their qualifications?"
"How will the communities pick a trustee?"
"Are we going to develop a constitution that will govern the nation?"
"Were continuing on what our ancestors started, they must be really smiling. They wanted the best for us."
"If we don't agree to this, are we willing to wait another 20 years?"

These questions and statements were answered by the St'at'imc Legal Council to the best of their knowledge.
All in all the Tsal'alh Community Members left, informed and better educated about the St'ati'mc Hydro Agreement.

All My Relations,
Jenilee McDonald

Jenilee's Blog Update (Tsal'alh Meeting)

First off I would like to say it was an honour to be apart of this meeting. Fifty eight members walked out better educated and informed about the St'at'imc BC Hydro Agreement. They were able to voice their concerns, and ask the questions they needed to better help their understanding.

I feel that our team is doing a great job, and I am honoured to be apart of this agreement. Lastly, I would like to encourage the youth to come to the meetings to get a better understanding of what the Agreement is all about. Don't be afraid to approach me and ask questions, that is part of my job as a St'at'imc Communications Officer.

All My Relations,
Jenilee McDonald



St'at'imc Catering Offer

Good Afternoon Everyone,
We are looking to take names for caterers in the Vancouver and Kamloops area to cater the Information Session Dinners.
We would also like to have Healthy Snacks and Drinks (water/coffee/tea) during the Open House.
The Dinner would be for up to 50 people, and would expect to be served @ 6 pm for both Places.
You may respond on here or call the Lillooet Tribal Council Office (250-256-7523) to submit:
Your Name
Contact Info
Food Safe Certificate
Experience in Catering
We would prefer the caterer to be St'át'imc.
Dates for the Meetings (Location TBD)
Vancouver- January 25, 2011
Kamloops- January 27th, 2011
 4:00-6:00 pm- Open House/Introductions
 6:00-7:00 pm- Dinner
 7:00-9:00 pm- Presentation

Meet Crystal Narcisse

Kalhwa7alap Crystal Narcisse nskwatsitsa, Xaxli'pmec Ihkan St'at'imc. 

Hello, My Name is Crystal Narcisse, I am from the Xaxli'p Community. My Parents are Rose Ellen Narcisse(Saul) and Larry Narcisse. 
I was excited to have started this job yesterday with the SHA Crew/CopperMoon and of course Our People. We had our first meeting in T'it'qet, I thought it went really well..a lot of questions and concerns were raised and answered. i think a lot of people walked out of the meeting more informed and educated on the Agreement, It was also nice to hear our elders voice their opinions and concerns, as well as young mothers who are concerned for their future grandchildren. I look forward to meeting the rest of our Nation in the next few months and helping our people become more educated and aware of this Huge step we as a Nation have ahead. As part of my job, I will organizing and setting up the meetings, I look forward to seeing our territory, and seeing you all out their for the information sessions!

Summary of T'it'qet Info Session

 The very first meeting launched in the T'it'qet Community, with about a head count of 30 Community Members. As people started filling the seats, Chief Kevin Whitney Opened up the meeting by asking Elder Ceda Scotchman to lead in a prayer. Shortly after, everyone went around the table with brief introductions of who they were, where they were from etc. Brenda Gaertner (St'at'imc Legal Council) than discussed with the people about the St'atimc Hydro Agreement.

Brenda reminded everyone that she was not their to SELL the Agreement, but to present it to the community, so they can are able to make an informed decision. Members have expressed their concerns about IR#5 and the return of their land, she reassured them of this. Elders wanted closure, as they waited a long time for this settlement to take place.  
Later after lunch, Lorrinda James (SHA -Communications Officer) Showed a summary of the Agreement through slide show, in which Brenda answered concerns from Membership.
Over-all it was a very well produced meeting, people seemed to walk out of their with more knowledge of the agreement, and majority was in favour of Moving Forward.

Meet Lorrinda James

Hello my name is Lorrinda James from the Ts'kw'aylaxw. My parents are Mary (Jackie) Fenton from Ts'kw'aylaxw and Harold James from Xw'isten. First of all, I would like to say 'Happy New Year'. I am very pleased to being part of this function for the St'at'imc Hydro Agreement. 

For our first meeting with T'it'qet was a good turn out. Throughout our time here I will be working with Crystal and Jenilee, we will be building information kits for each meeting and will be taking photos and answering questions. I am looking forward to meeting people within my territory. 

Meet Jenilee McDonald


Hello, my name is Jenilee McDonald. I'm from the Ts'kw'aylaxw Nation. I'm happy to say that I'll be working with the 11 St'at'imc Nations as a St'at'imc Communications Officer for the BC Hydro Agreement. I'm very pleased with how things worked out on our first meeting at the T'it'q'et Information Session January 9, 2011.
I look forward to meeting and working with the 11 St'at'imc communities. This is an opportunity of a life time that I will never forget. 

Jenilee McDonald



The first Tsal'álh (Seton) meeting is happening today, Monday January 10th at the School starting at 4pm.

The agenda plan is to have an open house, followed by a meal around 6pm, followed by a presentation and Q&A session.

Representatives from the community as well as the SCC, BC Hydro, and the Province will all be in attendance to answer questions.

All welcome!