Xa'xtsa- Mission Information Session

Date: (Saturday) January 22, 2011

Time: 10:00 am- 3:00 pm 

Location: St. Angelicans Church

Address: Second Avenue, Mission BC

(Please Note, this is not an urban area info. session, this is for the Douglas community)

Crystal Narcisse
Communications Officer
Coppermoon/Stl'atl'imx Nation Hydro
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Information Session at Xaxli'p Community

Former Chief Roger Adolph opened the meeting with a prayer, the drummers then sang a song to welcome the St'at'imc Hydro Team, and the 40 community members who came out to better educate themselves about the agreement. Chief Art Adolph spoke in St'át'imc to the elders explaining what the agreement is.

A presentation was given by Jacob Beaton with an in-depth explanation to why this agreement is on the table, along with the history of our people. He explained that there have been a lot of impacts and loss of land caused by BC Hydro; but yet our strength and spirit is still strong and carried forward till this day.

Raymond Phillips, St'át'imc Legal Council, introduced the 6 agreements to the community and explained that the goal is to build a respectful, effective, and evolving relationship with BC Hydro. Also, that this agreement provides direct award contracts to the St'át'imc, including jobs, and educational opportunities.

The community members then started to state their questions and voice their concerns. 

  • What is being settled? All past, present and future impacts and grievances.
  • What is not being settled? New facilities, the agreement cover only existing facilities.
  • Can the documents be amended? Yes, they can be amended but not in substance. After signing amendments can be made with the agreement of all parties (St'át'imc, BC Hydro, Province)
  • Can we appoint backup trustees?  Yes, you can choose the trustee and remove one if needed.
  • Who appoints the trustee? The band Chief & Council.
  • Who cannot be a trustee? Chief & Council or a non-band member

The community members were overwhelmed with all the information placed in front of them; however, they were more informed and better educated afterwards.

All My Relations,
Jenilee McDonald


Info. Session on Vancouver Island RSVP

Good Morning St'at'imc,

We are posting this notice to see how many of our people live on the Island, if there is enough to host an Info. Session we will set a date. So please pass onto your friends and family who are St'at'imc. The sooner we get a number, the sooner we can make a decision! Thank you all for your help in passing these very important messages along, have a great day!


Ts'kw'aylaxw Meeting Summary with Photos

The meeting in Ts'kw'aylaxw (Pavilion) was held from 4pm on January 13th in the basement of the community band office until 7pm. Community members showed up and were greeted by members of the Hydro Agreement team including Jenilee McDonald and Lorrinda James. Each household was provided with one full set of agreements, and everyone received an information package complete with agreement summaries. People who know about the agreement circulated with community members and answered questions on a 1-to-1 basis. 

Chief Clifford Alec opened the meeting with a welcome and introduction to the agreement. Elder Gary Harry set the tone with a prayer, and everyone enjoyed a great meal prepared by Della Alec and her daughter.

The presentation started after dinner, and the bulk of the presenting was done by St'át'imc legal council Raymond Phillips. Raymond lead everyone through the agreement summary and answered many questions from the floor. Some of the questions asked and answered were:

  • "Is BC Hydro dictating how we spend the money?" (answer: no, the St'át'imc Chiefs agreed on the creation of a Trust as the best way to manage, invest, and spend the money on behalf of members. The chiefs came up with the very broad purposes for spending the money like health, culture, education, and jobs)
  • "Do we have to come vote here or can we vote on other reserves?" (answer: yes, you can vote in any St'át'imc community. There will be 11 ballot boxes in each community)
  • "What about members who are in jail?" (answer: not sure, will look into it. They should be able to vote.)
  • "What if BC Hydro is privatized?" (answer: The agreements would be assigned to the new company, and also the BC govt' is guaranteeing the payments no-matter what.)
  • "Exactly what are we going to lose in this agreement?" (answer: nothing is being given up, only settlement for impacts of current facilities. No rights or title or ownership is being extinguished)

We heard feedback that members have not been receiving enough information, and we'll be working on getting more information out to members, quicker. It was asked if we could come back to the community more than the two planned meetings to give more information to members, something that we're certainly open to!

Overall it was a very spirited meeting. We are looking forward to our next visit to Ts'kw'aylaxw!

Jacob Beaton

Summary of Sek'we'lwas Info Session

by Jenilee McDonald

The open house and information session January 12, 2011 at the Sek'wel'was Community turned out great!
The vibe in the air was positive. The community members were walking in with a positive attitude and smiles. The St'at'imc Hydro team were welcomed with respect.
Philomena Thevarge opened with a prayer, and Chief Perry Redan than began voicing his concerns about the impacts Hydro had in the Sek'wel'was community (Loss of agriculture, canal built in the community in which 20 acres was taken to build, and that it impacted fisheries, and the nation as a whole). Perry then introduced the agreement and talked about the benefits to the community, including more employment opportunities.
Questions and concerns from Sek'wel'was Community:
"Can we amed these agreements?"
"Can we re-vote?"
"The money that is going into the trust, is it for the Nation or the Community?"
Overall, Sek'wel'was left the information session with a better understanding of their agreement, and we look forward to hearing back from members.


Date:January 24th (Mon)
Time: 4:00-9:00 pm
Location: Super 8 Motell
Address: 1881 Sumas way
6:00-7:00- Dinner
7:00-9:00- Presentation/Feedback

Date: January 25th (Tue)
Time: 4:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Aboriginal Friendship Centre (Theatre Room)
Address: 1607 E.Hastings
6:00-7:00- Dinner
7:00-9:00- Presentation/Feedback

Date: January 27th (Thur) 
Time: 4:00-9:00 pm
Location: North Shore Community Centre (Oak Room)
Address: 730 Cottonwood Ave
6:00-7:00- Dinner
7:00-9:00- Presentation/Feedback

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   We were tenatively looking to book a meeting January 17th in the town of Lillooet, but unfortunately have to reschedule for a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to post a date for this 'info. session' as soon as possible. We understand their are people who are un-able to make their community info. sessions, and would like to provide everyone with an opportunity to sit in on one.


Catering Opportunity

Thank you to those who have applied for the catering opportunities in the Kamloops/Vancouver area!  

We will be contacting the selected person(s) who have been hired to cater these dinners. Thank you all for your patience on this website. We are working our hardest, and our main priority is to get the information out to the public as soon as we receive it. We will continue to keep the information flowing so everyone is kept up to date. All feedback is constructive, please keep them coming so we may better serve our people.

Greatly appreciated!
Crystal Narcisse

Answers to the Top 10 Questions so Far

Top Community FAQs

What is the agreement and what are the details?

This is a settlement with multiple agreements. Some of the agreements deal with past impacts that affected individuals, while others are community-based to deal with impacts to our communities as a whole, and lastly we have agreements that look to the future and define a relationship between the St’át’imc and BC Hydro on hydro operations within the territory.

There are a number of parts to these agreements: compensation, which helps the communities and the nation be healthier, happier, and stronger; settlement of past, present and future impacts related to existing facilities; and a future relationship.

How does this agreement help us today, and in the future?

It will reduce the impacts from hydro development on our fish, wildlife, and water; specifically our water use and water availability. This is a benefit to everyone that depends on salmon in the Fraser system; a healthier stock benefits all users of the fishery.

How does it impact off-reserve members?

The settlement provides benefits to all St’át’imc communities through a Trust. The settlement funds will be invested, and managed for purposes such as Administration & Governance, Culture & Heritage, Social & Spiritual Well-being, Economic Development, Education & Training, Environmental & Natural Resources, Health, Infrastructure & Programming, and Recreation & Sport. Those opportunities will always be made available to St’át’imc who reside on- or off-reserve.

What is the Ratification Process?

The settlement has been papered. It is now in the hands of our people to decide. Our duty is to ensure that St’át’imc voters are informed about the question that they are asked to vote on (whether they agree with the settlement) and whether they authorize their leadership to sign the agreements. We anticipate the vote to be held in the Spring of 2011. In order to get there, we have to hold information sessions in each of the communities and a number of urban areas where members may reside. Members will be given opportunities to review the Agreements on their request, view the presentations, and speak to legal counsel, leadership, and the negotiators to have the Agreements explained.

When will the benefits kick in/ When will I see things happen?

If a simple majority of voters vote in favour of the settlement, meaning 50% plus one of those who participate in the vote, this will provide the authority needed for the St’át’imc leadership to sign the Agreements. Once the agreements are signed, the benefits will begin to flow; in some instances, 60 days after the agreement is signed. The settlement structure will provide payments for 50 years in some cases, and up to 99 years in others.

Why has this process taken so long?

In today’s terms it may seem like a long time, but there are many specific claims in Aboriginal communities that remain unresolved, or there are claims that have taken 100 years to resolve. The Nisga’a treaty, for example, took many, many generations to live through for it to resolve. In every province, in every part of this country, it takes a long time to resolve grievances with the federal and provincial governments, things do not happen quickly and are not easy to resolve. Seventeen years in that context is actually a very short time. 

Who will control the money?

Some of the settlement will be paid directly to communities, to be spent at their discretion, and some of the compensation will be given to specific families with grievances regarding their lands.

Most of the funds will be put into a Trust for the benefit of the St’át’imc for many generations to come. Each community will appoint a Trustee. Trustees are bound by the Trust Agreement to act independently and in the best interest of the beneficiaries (11 communities, and the nation as a whole), at arms-length from our political bodies.

Will this negatively affect our dealings with other companies?

No, absolutely not. What it will do it will show other companies a means and a way to achieve results and build successful projects within our territory.

What Happens if there is a “No” Vote?

If one or more communities vote “no,” none of the agreements happen and we return to life as usual.

News Stories in the Media

We have received some attention in the media over the last couple weeks. Recently there have been some very good articles, including one from the Globe and Mail this past Monday. For a summary of media coverage, check out the Google News summary here: http://news.google.com/news/search?pz=1&cf=all&ned=ca&hl=en&q=st'at'imc&cf=all&scoring=n

The most recent story comes from the local paper, the Bridge River Lillooet News. You can view the article by clicking here.