Information Session at Xaxli'p Community

Former Chief Roger Adolph opened the meeting with a prayer, the drummers then sang a song to welcome the St'at'imc Hydro Team, and the 40 community members who came out to better educate themselves about the agreement. Chief Art Adolph spoke in St'át'imc to the elders explaining what the agreement is.

A presentation was given by Jacob Beaton with an in-depth explanation to why this agreement is on the table, along with the history of our people. He explained that there have been a lot of impacts and loss of land caused by BC Hydro; but yet our strength and spirit is still strong and carried forward till this day.

Raymond Phillips, St'át'imc Legal Council, introduced the 6 agreements to the community and explained that the goal is to build a respectful, effective, and evolving relationship with BC Hydro. Also, that this agreement provides direct award contracts to the St'át'imc, including jobs, and educational opportunities.

The community members then started to state their questions and voice their concerns. 

  • What is being settled? All past, present and future impacts and grievances.
  • What is not being settled? New facilities, the agreement cover only existing facilities.
  • Can the documents be amended? Yes, they can be amended but not in substance. After signing amendments can be made with the agreement of all parties (St'át'imc, BC Hydro, Province)
  • Can we appoint backup trustees?  Yes, you can choose the trustee and remove one if needed.
  • Who appoints the trustee? The band Chief & Council.
  • Who cannot be a trustee? Chief & Council or a non-band member

The community members were overwhelmed with all the information placed in front of them; however, they were more informed and better educated afterwards.

All My Relations,
Jenilee McDonald